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My Story

This amazing city gave me great experiences for over 7 years.

I worked in the fashion industry, travelled around Asia and to Paris and Milan for luxury brands’ selling campaigns. I loved my career-only focused life, until I started feeling like something very important was missing.

I had been so focused on reaching professional targets, selling up to six new collections a year to international buyers. I was always pushing production and logistic to keep up with the demand for more and more clothes that was no longer serving me, nor the final consumer.

Somewhere along my coveted career path, I forgot what was actually most important to me: connections.

Real connections with others, I realized, had been put in the background of what I thought was important. A real shift happened, especially when I started questioning myself.

It took me years of self-discovery, research and practice, alongside real life lessons, to realize the collection of many items in my physical space, was not serving me. In fact, it was holding me back.

After practicing my method of decluttering and organizing in my very own space, I started helping friends and family, until it naturally became my business. Given my background in Fashion, I also offer personalized styling sessions on top of my Closet Detox and Organization packages.

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