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Pick a date

Let's do it!


You might feel overwhelmed at the idea of organizing your closet, but I am excited to dive in already!




If you are thinking I could help you, call me or send me an email,

we can organize a brief, but thorough consultation.

I will come to your place, or we can do it via video call

if you are pressed with time.

Small warning, it will get personal.

I might ask you questions such as: Where are you in your life right now? Who are you? Or who do you want to be?

I need to get to know you a little bit,

so I can understand what you would like to achieve with your space.

I will ask you to show me your closet as it is (don’t worry,

I’ve seen worse, I promise) so I can estimate how long it will take us. 

This would be a good time for you to ask away

any question you might have. 


Package of choice


I will then assess your request and get back to you

with a proposal for your own goals and space.

Usually most people need some help with their closet, shoes and handbags. Sometimes we get really excited and spread our work to the bathroom, bookshelves, kitchen and everything in between!

Having worked many years in the fashion industry,

as well as being a trained makeup artist and beauty products connoisseur, I am happy to help with personalized styling sessions, too.

The consultation price is fully redeemable upon purchasing

any of the Closet Detox session.

For any ongoing promotions and discounts,

follow my work on IG @hkclosetdetox


Pick a date & let's do it!


When we agree on the type of service and package,

we will pick a date suitable for a focused session of detox.

You will need to be fully present and engaged in the process. 

Being a mother myself, and an animal lover, I completely welcome them to join us, too. It might take us longer than expected in some cases, so I would advice being organized with extra

snacks and treats for the family.


I am coming for you!

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